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Shinkyokushinkai Kuwait & Wawan Protein honour KFK


Sensei Abdullah Al-Banwan Kuwait Branch Chief of Shinkyokushinkai held a dinner in honour of Salem Belal Al-Rusaid Champion of 1st Kuwait international tournamant which he managed to take 1st place.

The Champion was also honoured by Sensei Ali Al-Manaseer president of the KFK and country representative of the international federation of karate kyokushin, Sensei Bader Al-Bashir general secretary of the KFK, Senpai Feras Al-Othman committee member of the Shinkyokushinkai Kuwait and Mr. Adel Al-Wawan chairman and founder of Wawan Protein company.

Special Thank and respect goes to Mr. Adel Al-Wawan for his support and encouragement for kyokushin karate and the martial arts in Kuwait.

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